Sl. No Name Designation Function/Duties Contact No. Email
1. Mr. H. K. Sharma ,IAS Principal Secretary Commerce and Industries H.O.D 03592-206174  
2. Mrs. Binita Thapa, SES Director Overall Incharge of the Directorate 03592-203126
3. Mr. Durga Kumar Rai Deputy Director Will over see Training of Head office and all districts 94347-10428
4. Mr. Chewang Bhutia Deputy Director, Training (I) files pertaining to training of all districts 94341-43997
5. Mr. B.B. Gurung Deputy Director SHHDC ( ACCTS) 95470-56235
6. Mr. Kishan Bhujel Deputy Director(HMPU) Hand Made Paper Unit 98320-17598
7. Ms. Pema Sangmoo Bhutia Deputy Director(Training,Production-II) Training of all districts including Head office 94753-00276
8. Mr. Jigme Pintso Bhutia Deputy Director (Production-I) Production (I) Handloom, IHDS Program & Dyeing 94341-03542
9. Mrs. Kumari Chettri Deputy Director (M & S) Sales Emporium and she will also assist and coordinate with the Multicrafts Section 94344-09396
10. Mr. Tshering Dorjee Gyamtso Deputy Director (M & S) All Calendars events and will assist A.G.M. - SHHDC for marketing 94743-52840
11. Ms. Chopel S. Ethenpa Deputy Director (Multicrafts) Multicraft Production and Apparel & Embroidery Section. 94341-27535
12. Mrs. Poonam Khatiwara Assistant Director Central stores 99334-44777
13. Mrs. Kusumlata Rai Under Secretary (Administration Section) Administration work 9474358500
14. Ms. Silma Subba Accounts Officer cum DDO,Accounts Master of DHH Accounts matters 99334-44777
1. Mrs. Aruna Rai Deputy Director (HEAD Office) In-charge of Chakung, Chumbong, Okheray ,Salangdang Branch centres and Production Unit. 94342-57636
2. Mrs. Nirmala Chettri Deputy Director Assistant Director-CUM-DDO West In-charge of  Soreng, Singling, Rinchenpong, Tharpu Branch Centre and Production Unit. 94342-14024
North District.
1. Mr. R. K. Tamang Assistant Director D.D.O-cum-Project implementation/supervisor office for the North District. 94344-09281
South District
1. Mrs. Pramila Rai Deputy Director, Head of office cum DDO South District Production Unit and Branch Centres of South District. 95932-72055